For Heechul, Zhoumi is not just a part of a unit group. He is part of the group. Same goes to Henry ♥


[Fancams-compilation] Super Show Seoul Day 1 with Super Junior | 140919

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the magnae’s height issues


Sometimes I’m Kyuhyun


And sometimes I’m Henry


Henry told those fans who gave gifts to him not to spend money buying those gifts for him. He also told it’s not necessary to buy albums. He said you can save a money to buy a house, fans told him money is not enough to buy a house. he laughed and said but you can save it and buy things for yourselves, you should treat yourself better.

I HAVE 100% respect for this guy.

So, what did we learn today about solos?

Sungmin: *wild hair&drums*
Eunhyuk: *sexy, chained up*
Kyuhyun: *peaceful*
Kangin: *peaceful*
Ryeowook: *peaceful*
Henry: *is fantastic*
Zhoumi: *proud baby*
Leeteuk: *peaceful, features Sungmin*
Siwon: *becomes a freaking centaur*
Shindong: *peaceful*
Donghae: *drags Hyukjae with him*


Leeteuk’s Message to Members